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HiYo is compatible with Windows Live Messenger (MSN),
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Download HiYo and get tons of FREE Emoticons, Winks & Animations!

HiYo is a free add-on for Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM & Yahoo! Instant Messenger that takes Instant Messaging to a whole new level of FUN! HiYo has tons of the most amazing Emoticons, Winks, SuperWinks, Animations, Nudges, Smileys and Sounds (with more being added all the time). Totally upgrade your Instant Messenger experience with HiYo!

Download free Emoticons and Winks

Now you can go wild with HiYo’s amazing SuperWinks!! SuperWinks are interactive Winks that let you completely customize the message inside the animation. Your friends are going to love getting these totally customizable Winks. Instant Messaging has never seen anything like this!! HiYo is now better than ever - Get HiYo’s Latest Version – FREE

Download free Emoticons and Winks
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